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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Honor of the Blizzard and the Snow Day!

How to be cozy and cute! Bring out your inner snow bunny! 
Who said you have to sacrifice comfort for style? It may be cold outside, but there are plenty of sweaters, hats, gloves, and scarfs to keep you warm and trendy! Here are some adorable and thrifty items to chill in while your chillin'!

Confess Long Sleeve Flyaway Cardigan Confess Long Sleeve Flyaway Cardigan JCPenny's $19.99
Pair with a cute floral dress and think tights!

 Bongo Juniors Toggle Sweater Carcoat Sears $24.00
Can wear as a dress, or with skinny jeans!

  Ava Black Diagonal Button on the Bias Sears $21.00
Love the diagonal buttons down the fronthttp://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_0000000000000000349000000000000000007861P?prdNo=15&blockNo=15&blockType=G15!

 Romeo and Juliet Couture Knit Sweater Sears $15.00
I love the pearl beads on the front! Wear with dark straight leg jeans with stiletto black boots! Cute!

 Heritage 1981 Women Collegiate Cardigan Forever21 $ 24.90
Preppy Style! Cute with a dress!

 Twelve By Twelve Sparkle Sweater Tunic Forever21 $26.00
Has Rhinestones on it! Wear with leggings!

 Beautiful Knit Scarf Forever21 $ 10.81
Fun color, looks great against skin tones! Nice and chunky and warm!

 Chunky Knit Scarf Forever21 $12.80
Love the color!

Product Image Women's Merona® Cable Knit Gloves - Tan  Women's Merona Cable Knit Gloves - Tan Target $7.68
Nice cable knit detail, a little feminine touch that keeps your wrist warm!

Product Image Merona® Mittens - Green  Merona Mittens - Green Target $5.48
Like the mint green color!

 Pointelle Crochet Beret Forever21 $5.80
Hats keep all the heat within your body, so why not wear a cute one?

HBSH3005 Knit Button Headwrap Navy Makemechic.com $7.80

Cute button on the side!

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