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Monday, February 28, 2011

Guys this one is for you!

Every guy should own a Henley... or even a few of them! Henely shirts are a good balance between casual and somewhat dressy. They are flattering on everyone and there's plenty of different styles to go around! They are even comfortable... plus can I just say girls find it hard to resist a guy in a Henley! So go ahead guys pull one on!

Here are a few thrifty Henleys to choose from!

Option for the fashion adventurous Guy:
Product Image Converse® One Star® - Purple
 If you have no problem sporting purple this Converse One Star brand Henley is only $4.98 at Target!

For the "play it safe" Guy:

Product Image Converse® One Star® - Cornelian Blue
This blue (also available in green) Henley is also by the Target One Star brand for $13.98!

For the "Check out these Arms" Guy:

 Product Image Mossimo® Henley - Boston Brick 
Also at Target as part of the Mossimo brand for only $9.99!
Also available in Ebony, Military Blue, River Birch, Bright Olive, and Teal Blush.

For Mr. Blue Eyes:
This Raglan Knit Top for 15.90 at Forever21.com will make your eyes pop!

For the Brown-Eyed Cutie:
By French Connection at Sears' Men's SS Solid Henley $14.90!

For the Buff Guy:

Wear this Route 66 Men's Long Sleeve Solid Thermal Henley at Sears' tight! It's only $6.99!

For the thinner Guy:

Raglan Smith Henley 
Try a baseball style Henley like the On The Byas Raglan Smith Henley for $19.99 at PacSun.


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