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Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

Are you coming down to the wire and still don't have a gift to give Aunt Sally tomorrow at the family gift exchange? Have you already been to the mall 5 times this week and can't stand the idea of running out again for a last minute gift? Did you want to get something for your Grandma who lives in another state, but ran out of time to buy and ship an item? Why not send a email gift card!?! Gift cards for countless stores and restaurants can be sent via email, and all the receiver has to do is print out the certificate. A family member or friend can get the gift instantly and right on Christmas day. If you don't want to come to a family gathering empty handed, just print out the certificate yourself and place it in a card. If you want to give a gift but don't have money make your own certificates that can entitle the receiver to "A Free Backrub," "One House Cleaning," and "Coffee on Me."Good luck with all last minute shopping! Hope this tip helps!
Here is a site that has egift cards!

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