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Friday, March 18, 2011

Blinded by the "White"

According to recent fashions articles white dresses are going to be a hit item this spring. Calvin Klein, King of clean lines and solid colors, had a variety of white ensembles in his spring line. White dresses are simple and fresh, and can instantly give you a "springy" look. So go and get yourself one of these spring staples... but just make sure it isn't too see through... and wear a bib if your eating italian. 

Here is the article in Lucky Mag talking about the new white dress trend!  luckymag.com

Calvin Klein Spring 2011 RTW
Photo credit: Fairchild Archive
Here are some thrifty versions!

Olsenboye Eyelet 2Fer Slub Belt Dress

Olsenboye Eyelet 2fer Slub Belt Dress
 $24.99 JC Penneys

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Off the Shoulder Dress - True WhiteMossismo Supply Co. Juniors Off the Shoulder Dress- True White
$18.00 at target.com

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Cami Maxi Dress - True WhiteMossimo Supply Co. Juniors Cami Maxi Dress- True White
$20.00 Target.com

 Ladylike Lace Dress $22.80 www.forever21.com

Juniors Knit Strappy Babydoll Dress Juniors Knit Strappy Babydoll Dress
                      $12.00 Walmart.com
SWD3531 Lace Tank 2Fer Dress White
                          $24.20 www.makemechic.com

SO Flounce Ruffled Dress SO Flounce Ruffled Dress 
                        $21.99 www.kohls.com

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